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10+ years of total IT experience in Architecture designing, Project execution with team handling, Client interaction, Requirement gathering and Technical assessment of window and web-based applications using Sitecore 8.2/8.0/7.5/7.2/6.6/5.2, Helix and Habitat, Sitecore Azure, MVC, MongoDB, Sitecore Rocks, TDS and Glass Mapper, Web API, WCF, ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, Web services, LINQ, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, AJAX, AngularJS, ReactJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS.

Hands on experience in designing and assessing Sitecore Component Architecture, Content Architecture based on industry best practices and customer requirement.

Proficient in using tools like Visual Studio, Sitecore Rocks, Glass Mapper, TDS, MongoVUE, MongoChef, LUKE, SQL Management Studio, Fiddler, TOAD, FACET, Jenkins, uDeploy.

Extensive experience of Multi-Lingual and Multi-Site architecture design and implementations, Workflow Management, Configuring Multiple Publishing Targets, Security Management, Custom Rule Development, Bucketing, URL Resolver, WFFM, Lucene and Solr, Caching, Digital Marketing features like Personalization, Goals, Profiles, EXM, Analytics, GeoIP Tracking, AB Testing and Multivariate Testing, 3rd Party Integrations such as Salesforce, SharePoint, Active Directory.

Vast experience in customizing Workflow, Pipeline, Process, Event and Ribbons.

Possess expertise in Sitecore upgrade from lower version to 8.x version, Mongo DB (On-Premises and Cloud) integration, and historical analytics data conversion in MongoDB.

Solid experience on managing Content Authoring and Content Delivery with Load Balancer.

Extensive experience in MS SQL Server administration and development of database objects like Stored Procedures, Cursors, Functions, Triggers, Indexes, Views and Jobs.

Expertise in developing and maintaining Insurance Domain, Health Care Domain, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), E-Commerce Portals.

Proficiency in project execution using agile methodology as Scrum Master.

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