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Add habitat tag?

I recommend we add a tag habitat, and reassign questions currently tagged helix that are primarily about Habitat set up, errors and troubleshooting to this tag. This would refocus helix on Helix ...
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Can we add tags for EXM upgrades and multiple EXM versions?

I posted a question How can I fix EXM 3.3 Upgrade Causing Message View to Fail? on the Sitecore StackExchange and I tried to tag it with exm3.3 and exm-upgrade, but I do not have a high enough rank ...
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Request: apply the `default` code syntax highlighting to all tags by default

Background Stack Exchange allows to assign a code language syntax to every tag. It will then use that language to highlight the code of appropriately tagged questions. There is a default syntax ...
8 votes
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Default syntax highlighting for tags: we need your input

Background The Stack Exchange engine will not add syntax highlighting by default. However, you can add explicit language hints like this: <!-- language: lang-html --> This is what we've been ...
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Tags: content-search vs search

We have tags search and content-search which are both used frequently. Some questions even use both, but I don't see the difference. So, should we merge them? And merge to search or to content-search? ...
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Tag discussion: "rendering", "presentation" and "layout"

Background Here are the tags we'll put under the microscope this time: rendering (22 questions) presentation (4 questions) layout (4 questions) In discussions about tags, my goal is always to ...
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Tag synonym proposal: analytics –> xDB

Sitecore Analytics is a commonly used alias for the product that is nowadays called Sitecore xDB. As evidenced by the usage of analytics, it is not seen by users as directly related to the Experience ...
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2 answers

Tag Redux: `package`, `package-install`, and `package-designer` should we simplify?

So, in reading the question: Package Designer shows blank modal window when clicking "Generate ZIP" We have three tags in use: package package-install package-designer Our current ...
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Has anyone worked out how to set up tag aliases?

So I decided to try and either merge or set up alias for nuget and nuget-feed (not sure which is the "best", but anything is better than having both I feel) - but couldn't quite work out how to do ...
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