A moderator just converted one of my answers to a comment. I don't understand; I solved OPs question by pointing him in the direction of a tool I think will solve his problem.

Why isn't this good enough?

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This is not a "support" site.

This may come as a surprise, as our question-and-answer database is all about supporting our users and community. And we do, obviously :-)

But we are not a "support" site in the sense that e.g. a forum like Community is. We (and any site on the Stack Exchange Network) have very modest goals: to be the first and only stop on your Search journey. We try to record the best questions with the best answers for "eternity".

So while your answer might very well have been a here-and-now solution to the OPs problem; if your answer cannot stand on its own without the links - our mission fails. We end up with a question, and an answer that is only valid here and now. Assuming the linked resource remains (and they do not).

In other words. It's fine. But what we really need from people participating, is the patience and time invested to help us actually record the good answers. Take the time, please.

This is why we reject answers that cannot stand on their own. And answers that do nothing but link elsewhere. They may solve a problem, but they do not answer a question.

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